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During six weeks of fighting the Pentagon received 830,000 reports, of which 5,700 were hostile; 4,700 of those were how to get Adipex-P classified as "Top Secret"; and 16,000, mostly of a highly confidential nature, were never published.

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" In an op-ed (see article at end of article) for The New York Times, LBJ and Richard Nixon urged a "peaceful resolution" to the war, but warned that it would take longer than the Pentagon anticipated because it would put U.

forces "in greater danger. President Johnson ordered that Army Maj. William E. Colby, who had led American ground troops in Vietnam for four months and was assigned how to get Adipex-P command American forces in Vietnam, be designated undersecretary of state for administration to manage official U. policy in Vietnam, because he had not reported to his superior, the assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Colby's superior, the Navy Secretary Robert McNamara, was also on the committee.

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