Art For Your Homes

Exceptional portraits displayed in your homes help color all of your tomorrows. Imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing you see is a portrait of you and your partner. Or knowing your child drifts off to sleep at night reassured by the comforting image of being cuddled warmly and lovingly by his or her parents. Think of coming home each day to a portrait, expertly presented in the living room, that makes you feel wonderful about the people in your life. It is about re-experiencing the fun of that day, walking through a room and smiling again at the portrait collection on the walls, remembering the joy and love of that time.

Selecting how your finished portraits will be showcased might seem a complex process. However, with our guidance and assistance, choices will become easy. The result will be portraits that fit beautifully and naturally into your homes, enhancing your life and your family’s lives for generations to come.

✦ Wall Décor
The beauty of your Sterling portraits can be appreciated in a variety of mediums:
• Hand-painted portraits with oils that have a classic old-world feel
• Evocative painted portraits on watercolor paper or painter’s canvas
• Traditional photographic portraits in vibrant colors or artistic black & white

Whether painted or photographic, your portraits are destined for the walls of your homes. Some will be obvious choices for the rooms you share with your guests while others will slip quietly into the more intimate family areas. Some will clearly belong together as creative collections or groupings; others will beg to be displayed, exquisitely framed and lit, as impressive stand-alone art pieces.

✦ Tabletop Collections
Of course you will not be able to display all your favorite images on your walls. Coffee table books and Storybox collections will keep you from having to experience the pain of falling in love with wondrous images of your family and then never seeing them again. These beautifully-designed books and tasteful collections feature the images that moved you the most. They gather your favorites together in presentations designed for display on a credenza or gifting to family.

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